Meeting minutes will be posted within three working days of being approved by the Town Council. Agendas will be posted as soon as they are approved for distribution.


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Agenda November 10 2021

Agenda November 10 2021

Agenda 11-9-21

Ratification Documents, Signed



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Stage Stop
The Stage Stop by Kuba Łubniewski


Country Chic

Be sure to stop and enjoy the hospitality of the Visitors Center in Country Chic Art Gallery and Crafters Boutique.

There you can pick up a variety of brochures about local attractions. And you can find some mementos or gifts made by local artists and crafters.

Country Chic is by Centennial Park, at 205 SE Old West Highway. It is open Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(928) 359-1955




Please see Town Code, Chapter 10 (Town Code page on this website, in the Government section), for all ordinances related to animals of any kind.

License Fees

For each unneutered male dog or cat $8.00
For each unspayed female dog or cat $8.00
For each neutered male dog or cat $5.00
For each spayed female dog or cat $5.00
For each kennel $50.00