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Sunset Magazine - Fall 2018Sunset Magazine

“A cottonball’s throw from New Mexico, this tiny town delights with gorgeous vistas, homespun shopping, great bird-watching, and even better people-watching. Dina Mishev takes us down to Duncan.

Tucked alongside the Gila River, surrounded by cotton and chile fields, and ringed by peaks, Duncan is like a green jewel in the desert. That’s what drew Deborah Mendelsohn, a former Hollywood producer, here in 2005, when the town was still more shabby than chic, dotted with abandoned buildings. But she discovered that despite its appearance, Duncan had a distinct energy—the 700-some quirky locals possessed a serious passion for the place.”

Arizona Highways

Simpson Hotel

“A rooster’s staccato proclamation punctuates the murmur of white-winged doves as the Simpson Hotel rouses itself to a new day. Morning here feels a little like Old MacDonald’s Farm meets the Island of Misfit Toys. Located in the small agricultural community of Duncan, the hotel is home to aged roosters (two) and goats (three), plus eight rescued cats that have a house to themselves. Beyond a shady courtyard, a shrine to San Isidro, the patron saint of farmers, guards the vegetable garden, housed in a structure built to resemble the ruins of a Spanish chapel. A porch swing hangs near a bed of roses, an apple tree and a hand-dug pond planted with papyrus and water irises, its tranquil beauty unfussy and slightly unkempt.”

Humble Pie

“Nearly everything about Humble Pie is, well, humble. The 513-square-foot building is sparsely decorated, with three picnic tables, a soda machine and a clock with a pizza face. It’s almost as if owner Pete Roof put so much energy into turning out great pizza, he had nothing left over for decorating. And great pizza it is. Located in the correspondingly small Southeastern Arizona town of Duncan, the tiny pizzeria draws customers from Silver City, New Mexico, more than an hour away. Its faithful includes truckers who happily detour off the interstate to get their fix.”

Rider Magazine

Rider Magazine

“Let me tell you about a perspective-changing, paradigm-shifting roll through a spectacular region spanning two great southwestern states. Before you accuse me of hyperbole, ride this loop that combines Arizona’s serpentine Coronado Trail with the alpine vistas of extreme western New Mexico. I believe you’ll agree that your view of the ultimate motorcycle road has shifted.”

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The Eastern Arizona Courier/The Copper Era — 2021 news articles about Duncan

October 17, 2021 SEAGO to oversee Duncan’s community development block grants

October 17, 2021 Duncan board discusses creation of girls’ softball field

October 12, 2021 Richard Billingsley remembered for his ‘brilliant’ mind, helpful nature

October 6, 2021 SBDC holding five-part business workshop for Duncan entrepreneurs

October 5, 2021 Duncan High’s baseball field project continues

October 4, 2021 Duncan Library hosting plenty of fall programs

October 4, 2021 New tradition: Duncan High School invites community to tailgate parties

September 26, 2021 Financial expert gives Duncan Town Council tutorial on forensic, regular audits

September 25, 2021 Duncan Wildkats defeat Warriors in heart-stopping fashion

September 20, 2021 Town of Duncan working to fix glitch with utility bills

September 17, 2021 AG’s office investigating possible fraud in Duncan

September 14, 2021 Duncan Library schedules Suicide Awareness event

September 12, 2021 Veregy provides Duncan Town Council an update, lab gets help

August 29, 2021 Busy first week for interim town manager in Duncan

August 24, 2021 Over the moon: Duncan teens win honors after building Mars space settlement

August 21, 2021 Duncan Town Council hires interim town manager

August 17, 2021 Special Duncan Town Council meeting set for Wednesday

August 12, 2021 Financial expert finds several irregularities in Duncan’s books

August 10, 2021 Duncan-Franklin resident’s opera to be performed in Virden

August 1, 2021 Financial expert offers opinion on Duncan’s budget

July 20, 2021 Meet Mr. Ellis: Duncan High School has new principal

June 24, 2021 Energy firm recommends water softening system for Duncan, new meters

July 13, 2021 Metal roof going up on historic Duncan home

June 11, 2021 Long-time expert to investigate Duncan’s finances, provide guidance

May 26, 2021 Duncan Council forming committee to find new town manager

May 25, 2021 Duncan High School Valedictorian: Kinsley Rapier

May 13, 2021 Town of Duncan replacing manager, who will move to new post

May 11, 2021 Native Coloradan still working hard for Duncan at 80

May 8, 2021 Duncan students remember two lost too soon

May 8, 2021 Basteen’s future with Town of Duncan up for discussion Wednesday

May 6, 2021 Smith: Vegas, San Diego have nothing on Duncan

April 27, 2021 Duncan, Morenci superintendents gearing up for next year

April 25, 2021 Duncan residents fulfill promise made to Wildkats baseball team

Apr 12, 2021 Tiny Team Off and Running

Apr 9, 2021 Duncan Pharmacy Ready and Waiting to Fill Scripts

Mar 14, 2021 Duncan Residents Facing Higher Sewer, Water and Trash Rates

Mar 7, 2021 Duncan Council Members Debate Several Ways to Improve Finances in Sometimes Heated Meeting

Mar 2, 2021 Straight Talk About Duncan

Feb 23, 2021 Council Members: Town of Duncan on Verge of Slipping Over Cliff

Jan 27, 2021 Study Finds Duncan Good Place to Open New Businesses

Jan 19, 2021 Basteen: Jet Will Go Back Up Someday

Jan. 19, 2021 Behind Closed Doors: Duncan Woman Works To Save Local Theater Building

Jan 5, 2021 Morenci Brothers Bring Duncan Bakery Back to Life

Jan 4, 2021 Thatcher Twins Making a Name for Themselves With Videography Business [including a new video about Duncan]