--- NEXT TOWN COUNCIL MEETING JULY 18, 2024 @ 4:00 P.M. ---

Town of Duncan contracts with Vista Recycling for trash collection, which is conducted through Town of Duncan and billed to customers as part of the water/sewer bill. Trash is collected on Thursday mornings except when a holiday falls on a Thursday; then on Friday.

Standard 99-gallon trash container: $21.00/month

Residents 65 years and older may apply for a discounted rate of $18.50/month. Contact Town Hall at (928) 359-2791.

Customers may contract directly with Vista Recycling for a 300-gallon container, with pickup charged at $60/month. (928) 428-0830.

Anyone dumping anything other than tree limbs in the burn pit will be cited! Don’t be the one getting a visit from a Deputy!! Thank you in advance for your cooperation!!