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As of March 2021, the rates for water are as follows:

$30 for the first 2,000 gallons; $4 per 1,000 gallons after 2,000.

As of March 2021, the rate for sewer is $35/month.

Town of Duncan requires a deposit to establish a new residential or business water/sewer account. The deposit is refunded when the account is closed and paid in full.

Deposit for account in the name of property owner$75.00
Deposit for account in the name of renter$150.00

New Water Service and Meter Installation

Town of Duncan charges the following fees for new water service and meter installation (includes meter, box, labor, inspections and administration on individual lots, up to and including a 2″ meter):

3/4″ meter$500
1″ meter$600
1.5″ meter$1200
2″ meter$1500

Water for Residential Pools

Town of Duncan will fill residential pools for $20 per truckload inside town limits and $30 per truckload outside town limits (not to exceed 5 miles from town limit) plus $35/hour operator fee.

New Sewer Service Installation

Fees to connect any improvement to the Town of Duncan’s sewer system are as follows:

Single-family unit$650.00 for first 20 feet
Multi-family unit$850.00 for first 20 feet
Condominium unit$1000.00 for first 20 feet
Commercial — single or multiple units$1000.00 for first 20 feet
Inspection fee (required)$25.00

After the first 20 feet, an additional charge of $6/foot applies.