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Gila River Trail in Summer
“Gila River Trail in Summer,” by Deborah Mendelsohn

Duncan residents maintain a one-mile loop trail to the Gila River, called the Gila River Birding & Wildlife Trail in Duncan. Download the most recent checklist here. Or pick up a print copy at the Visitors Center/Country Chic, Rock-A-Buy Rocks & Gifts, Duncan Public Library, Duncan Town Hall or The Simpson Hotel.

Duncan Area Bird Checklist (for online viewing)

Duncan Area Bird Checklist (for printing)

There are several additional hot spots in and around Duncan, where birders have posted their checklists on ebird.org (see links below).

Duncan Birding Trail (Gila River Birding & Wildlife Trail in Duncan) A one-mile loop on the Gila River a short walk from downtown Duncan. This trail offers easy access to a wealth of bird life. Three habitats—agricultural, riparian, and residential—overlap here and attract a rich diversity of birds.

Duncan–Centennial Park This park is across from the Duncan Birding Trail on Hwy 70.

Duncan–Stagecoach Loop This road passes through an agricultural area very near the Gila River.

Franklin–Hwy 70 Pond Just southeast of Duncan on Highway 70, on the north side, is a man-made pond that attracts waterfowl seen nowhere else in the area.

Franklin–Railroad Wash Rd A little further out of Duncan on Highway 70, on the north side, the shelter of Railroad Wash attracts a great variety of birds, in all seasons.

Gila River–Virden Bridge Hwy 92 This is a well-known and easily accessed Southwestern New Mexico birding hotspot.

Lower Gila Box Accessible only by rugged vehicle, this exquisite box canyon is a U.S. Bureau of Land Management Wilderness Study Area.

More info is in the Duncan Area Bird Checklist.